Best GBA Emulators For Android 2018 – Latest Versions Included

Always wanted to play some game boy advance game, but can’t because you didn’t had enough money to buy a single GBA console, or you thought it would be a waste of money to buy a single console just to play Pokemon or Mario, now you can play those games with the help of GBA emulators apk. GBA emulator means emulator for game boy advance.this type of emulators help you to run the games like Pokemon, the legend of Zelda etc. that are mostly made for the game boy advance. and you will find difficulty in running those games on the android or ios devices. As a gamer, most of the guys out there is really a huge fan of game boy advance, but sometimes they can’t afford to buy a specifically gaming console like the game boy, which generally allows you to play games that are made only for the game boy.

So there is another way that you can enjoy the game boy advance games on your phone, that too with the help of the emulator, emulator allows you to run all the game boy advance games on your android or windows machine or any other device.

GBA Emulator For Android
GBA Emulator For Android

Currently, there are various Gameboy emulator in the market which are available for the windows as well as for android, so the following list contains some of the GameBoy Advance emulators along with them I have mentioned their installation process both on the windows as well as on the Android, and how you can run the Gameboy advance games on them.On which platform this emulator works is also explained there. Game boy Advance games are very popular especially because of their gameplay and the overall design of the games, but its not possible for everyone to buy a device which is specifically dedicated to the GBA games,and the overall costing of this console is high. So that’s where these emulators come into play First, we see the best GBA emulator for Android Devices along with its feature and alternatives

Best GBA Emulators For Android 2018 – Updated 

1. GBAoid

This emulator is one of the best emulators is one of the best emulators for the Android phones, out there although the main issue is that the installation process is a bit tedious but once you have installed it you can take full advantage of the emulator it works perfectly as an actual game boy advance would work. After installing this all you need is just the game file and you need to open it in that emulator, following is the step by step instructions on how you can install it and how to play the games on this emulator. You can also download Ps3 emulator for Android to play all the play station games on your Android phone. Download PS3 emulator by visiting the official link.

Step 1. Since GBAoid is not available on the android market, you need to change your phone’s settings, you need to change application settings and allow the installation from unknown sources

Step 2. download the GBAoid apk file from the following URL you can download it on pc and then transfer it to your phone or just directly download it on your phone. there will be a .zip file extract it and find the .apk file

Step 3. Once you found the apk file, install it on your phone, after the installation, the next step is to find the GBA(Game boy advance) BIOS file. the code in this file is copyrighted to Nintendo. the developer only allows you to find, download and install it yourself. because of these we also can’t give you the exact location of the file so you need to google “GBA_bios.bin” after that click on the first link and download the file.

Step 4. After you have that file on your phone, open GBAoid, when you open it a prompt screen will appear and ask for the BIOS file, click browse and give the location of the BIOS file, where you have stored it, It is recommended that you should create a separate folder on your SD card. so that it will be easier to find

Step 5. It’s almost done, Now all you need is a game. These are called ROMs, they can be found on the internet very easily, all you need to do is download the source file on your mobile or on your pc and then transfer it to your phone. Save that.GBA file in a sensible place on your memory card, most of the times it’s suitable if you create new folder and name it ROMs so that it will be easier to load and find games,

Step 6. Now open the GBAoid again and find the ROM file, and then all you need to do is hit play, if everything is done correctly then you will be able to play the game without any issue.

Alternatives to GBAoid

For android devices, besides GBAoid there is also another app which is the best alternative, and that app is My Boy!

This is one of the best GBA emulators that you can find for the android devices, it is available on the play store, and it’s free to download, although you can buy the paid one, which comes with the extra features like

  • No ads
  • Save to and load from multiple slots
  • Fast-forward with speed greater than 2x
  • Create multiple screen-layout profiles.

and etc. But I think that free version is really more than enough to satisfy your basic needs of playing GBA games on Android. Also, keep in mind that this app is not affiliated or represented by Nintendo’s or any of its subsidiaries. Keep in mind that there are other emulators also available, but out of them I find these two to be the best.

For windows, there are also a countless number of emulators, if you want to play the nice GBA games on your computer, then these are the emulators that you should definitely have a look at.Each of them has an installation process which is really easy to follow all you need to do is just download the app and run it, That’s it So here are some of the GBA emulators to run on your windows PC.


1.Visual Boy Advance

It was one of the first fully working emulator which allowed everybody to fully play GBA games on their pc, the best part about it is that it allows you to fully change the control setting according to the controller that you are using, plus it also helps you to change the display and graphics settings, it’s  really easy to use, You can download this emulator from following link.

Following are some of the features of this emulator

  • Its free to download and easy to install
  • All you need to do is extract the zip file and run the emulator directly
  • You can adjust according to your needs the screen size, the graphics etc.
  • You can reconfigure the controls, according to the any of the controller that you have very easily


2. No$GBA

it is also known as no cash GBA emulator, it is also one of the best GBA emulator for Android in the market. this emulator also includes connectivity with other NO$GBA emulators which allows you to play multiplayer games. Following are some of the useful features of this emulator

  • Its free to download and very easy to install
  • It provides connectivity between other No$GBA emulators
  • Since it provides connectivity its really fun to play the multi-player games with this emulator



Enjoying GBA games via an best GBA emulator for Android is one of the best options you can do if you can’t afford to buy the GBA. Its also suitable if you download the games which you already own, so that you don’t get into any of the legal mess, playing GBA games on android devices is really fun, since all those games may lack in the graphics but the gameplay is really great, and also on windows pc you can have fun with the GBA games all because of these emulators, it basically depends on your choice and preference and mainly what exactly you need, so choose those emulators according to your need, if you are facing some issues with all of the emulators try some other emulators as on the internet there are really tons of them available.